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2020-04-18 15:43:40

Stainless steel rack knowledge:stainless steel rack maintenance stainless steel rack application has been very wide,stainless steel rack is not easy to rust does not mean it will not get dirty and wear,so in the daily use of stainless steel rack we have to pay attention to maintenance and maintenance.Today small make up for you to introduce stainless steel rack maintenance:a,the first to start from the Angle of installation.The tightness of the rack to matters,not too tight or too loose
How is stainless steel rack maintained

2020-04-18 15:42:00

According to the hardness,the tooth surface can be divided into soft tooth surface and hard tooth surface.The bearing capacity of gear with soft tooth surface is low,but it is easy to manufacture,and it runs well.It is mostly used in general machinery with no strict limit on transmission size and weight,as well as in small quantity
Gear manufacturing materials and heat treatment process on the bearing capacity of the gear
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